{[Happy]}* Republic Speech By 11th President of India Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam

The 11th President of Indian Nation Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam gave a marvelous speech on the Republic day celebration that took place on January 26, 2007. Being a Scientist and President of India he Contributed for the Development of the country.

Republic Speech of Abdul Kalam

speech on 2007

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam also called as Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam gave an inspiring speech to the young people of Indian nation on January 26, 2007.

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Inspiring words to the youth

Our former president words on 2007 Republic day were:

"In the eighties, children always used to ask me questions such as “When can I sing the Song of India?” Today, the youth are asking me, “What I can give to India?” This shows that the nation is on a positive growth trajectory.

The change in pattern of the questions is indicative of the transformation which has taken place over the years. Also, I receive many e-mails and letters asking me “what I can give to India, my country?”
 When I study the letters, messages and mails that I have received and also the personal interactions with the people, I can clearly see abundant opportunities in which every citizen can contribute. I thought of sharing this with you: My topic of this address will be — “What can I give to my nation?. The distinction between the public and the private sectors and the illusory primacy of one over the other is vanishing.  Also, there is a trend that many young people are opting for creating new enterprises instead of being mere employees.
 Our Gross Domestic Product which stands at U.S.$ seven hundred and twenty 9 billion is poised to grow at 10% annually which along with various other concurrent actions, will enhance the welfare of farmers, workers, professionals and unleash creativity of entrepreneurs, business persons, scientists, engineers and all other constituents  of society.
Our total exports in the last 8 months has crossed U.S. $ eighty billion

Today, we have nine geo-stationary satellites in orbit including an exclusive EDUSAT for education.  The country has successfully used advances in space technology and telecommunication towards creating tele-education as well as tele-medicine networks and village resource centers.
 The State Governments have also launched a number of missions including rural and infrastructure development activities towards realizing the goals of Vision 2020.

Against this backdrop, I would like to discuss with you the ambience in 2020 for which we as a nation have to work.

If we perform in an integrated way with development politics as the focus, in mission mode with transparency, I visualize even before the year 2020, that a prosperous India is possible.

We expect the people below the poverty line to come to near zero and our literacy must be nearly 100%. The Human development Index of India will be less than 50 against the present 127.

Every Indian will have either a good university degree or quality training with globally competitive employable vocational skills. E-governance would be in position for all Government to Government (G2G) and Government to Citizens (G2C) transactions making the governance system transparent with the National ID card in position.

Tele-density will reach over 75%. All our villages will have reliable, uninterrupted quality electric power supply. The interlinking of rivers and water bodies and use of technology for water collection, water recycling and water management will result in equitable distribution of water for drinking, irrigation, industry, navigation and as natural beauty.

There will be no shortage of water in any part of the country nor there disasters due to floods, water logging etc. India would have realized energy security and will be working towards energy independence. Good sanitation facilities will be available at homes in every part of India and for all Indians and tourists. We will be using more of renewable energy such as solar energy, wind power; bio-mass, mini and micro hydel and thorium based nuclear reactors, adding less to the pollution.

Through responsive and innovative venture capital systems and entrepreneurial training both in schools and colleges, we will have more enterprises leading to a large number of employment generators rather than employment seekers. A pro-active healthcare system delivered through innovative schemes will provide quality healthcare access at an affordable cost to all the people of the country including those living in remote areas.  
 The Judiciary and bar should ensure that the common citizen gets speedy justice with nobility. While citizens demand that our police force has to be transparent and action oriented, it is also essential that police stations are electronically connected and simultaneously they should be empowered with better quality of life, like proper housing, sanitary facilities, medical cover and children’s education. This will enable them to concentrate in their work with peace of mind and thereby output from the police would increase.

Above all our women folk constitute fifty percent of our population. Their dignity should be protected and they should get proper representation in all decision making institutions like panchayat systems.

Our Panchayat Boards really represent the village citizens and they should ensure that all development funds allotted for rural development in their area are properly utilized for the intended purpose without dilution. Dear friends, there are many areas in which citizens can participate towards the development movement. Now let me focus on national Our Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces, day or night, awake guarding our borders on the land, in the air and at sea remain vigilant to counter any threat and facilitate progress of national development. 

I have experienced personally, when I visited the Siachen Glacier at an altitude of ft. The temperature at minus 35 degrees centigrade with heavy did not deter our courageous Jawans. When, I was in the submarine, saw young sailors and naval officers functioning efficiently vigilantly in the silent sea keeping all round vigil on their in the Indian 

When I was with 20 Squadron of the Indian Air Force, I experienced how our fighter pilots can meet any challenge of multi-targets through radar missiles and EW systems. We cherish the valour, commitment and devotion to duty of these gallant personnel of our Armed Forces. Our Police Forces and Intelligence agencies complement each other and provide safety and security to our citizens from unscrupulous elements, criminals and extremists.

Many persons from these forces have laid down their lives while protecting the nation, the flag and our people.  We salute them all. Our colleges’ universities must not only generate excellent researchers but also generate the best soldiers for our country.

Parents should encourage their children to participate in security some recent incidences of crime against children have the whole nation and left deep scars in all of us.  Children are national wealth.  Cruelty to children is against the fabric of which cannot be tolerated at any cost.  Concerted action by concerned in society such as watchful neighbours, fast oriented police machinery, vigilant media and speedy punishment to perpetrators of crime by the judicial system is need of the hour. In addition, as a preventive action we have identified people who have such tendency in society through psychological test aids. 

Eradication of cruelty towards should be the mission of every Indian since they are our Developed India by 2020 is a mission of a billion every one of us has a role to play. It will be a reality "Gives – What I can give”, through individual, societal and participation in a national movement facilitated by me.

My interactions with our citizens in India and abroad, particularly the youth demonstrate to me the positive energy flowing from individuals which make them eager to give all they can to make India developed. The attitude of giving by every citizen and each group will definitely be an enriching factor for the whole nation leading to an accelerated development process.

When the nation marches towards its missions, many challenges will come on the way. Courage is a very important trait for all sections of society in overcoming these challenges. I would like to narrate one incident. On 8th June 2006, I was in the flight of Su-30-MKI. The captain of the aircraft was Wing Commander Ajay Rathore. The duration of the flight was 40 minutes. I participated in nall flight actions. When I landed, there were many youth and media personnel.

One young man asked me a question, “Mr. President, please tell me, since you have flown in the supersonic fighter aircraft at the age of 74, were you afraid anytime during the flight.” I told the young man, “All the 40 minutes of the flight, I was busy on the controls and instruments and experiencing the “g” build up. I was advised by the captain to track targets and also look at the ground using the synthetic aperture radar. In addition, I was observing the performance of the instruments developed indigenously. I was continuously busy in the flight operations and I didn’t have time to allow fear to enter into me.” Now, dear young friends who have assembled in front of me and the nation, I have a message of Courage for you.

Courage to Give,

Courage to think different,

Courage to invent,

Courage to discover the impossible,

Courage to travel into an unexplored path,

Courage to share knowledge,

Courage to remove pain,

Courage to reach the unreached,

Courage to combat problems,

And Succeed,

Are the unique qualities of youth?”

As the youth of my nation, I will work and work with courage to achieve success in all my missions.
My dear citizens, let me once again wish you a very purposeful and happy Republic Day.

May God bless you…

Jai Hind."

These awesome words of Bharat Ratna award achiever really motivates the young generation of our nation.

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