{History}^* of Indian Republic Day : India & Republic day Origin

History of Indian Republic Day: Nation's biggest event Republic day that takes place on January 26 every year has an interesting history. The history of Indian republic day is posted below also the historical events that lead for the republic day celebration is posted below.

Schools and colleges has started arrangement for coming republic day 2016. Republic day 2017 date is on 26 January 2017. Republic day is one of the main and famous event in India because of this republic day we got lots of changes in India. We must know the history of Republic day on coming republic day 2017. It is really good and very happy day for us, because without republic day we cannot get this much development in India, So, As a India, We all are know about Indian Republic day history. Find all details below.

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Republic day history

Republic Day Constitution of India History

India, our democratic country now,  got its freedom from the hands of British on August 15, 1947 by the constant persistent of many leaders like Mahatma Gandhi. Though India got its freedom its Government still continued on the basis of Government of India act that was coined on 1935. This act was based on the Colonial acts of Britain government.

Republic day National Leaders HD Image

Some of the leaders who fought for the freedom of our nation can be seen on above Republic day image.

Constitution of India

As the colonial rules were not good enough for our freedom country the Indian Constitution was to be framed by our government so that King George VI's rule in our nation can be eliminated, hence on August 28, 1947 a committee headed by Dr B.R Ambedkar was formed to frame the Indian Constitution so that Government of India Act can be replaced.

Constitution on effect on January 26, 1950

Republic day on Jan 26, 1945

The committee under the chairmanship of DR B.R Ambedkar prepared the constitution and the constitution was got signed by the assembly on January 24, 1950. This Indian Constitution was then adopted throughout the country on January 26, 1950. The Indian Constitution framed by the committee of DR B.R Ambedkar had 8 schedules and 395 articles. The date on which this constitution was adapted is till now celebrated as Republic day in our country and the 66th Republic day is to be celebrated soon this year by our nation.

Though it took 894 days for India to bring its own constitution for the welfare of nation now our Indian Constitution is the longest constitution in the world that gives democratic life to its citizens.Lets wish On for coming Republic day let us wish our nation for a prosperous development ahead and let us pray that our country should emerge as a developed country soon in this world.