{"Happy Valentines Day dress codes"}^* on February 14 celebrations

{"Happy Valentines Day dress codes"}^* on February 14 celebrations  : Valentines day is an important love event that is celebrated with joy around every nations or countries of the world. On this important or special occasion of love sharing moments all people, especially young people will enjoy all their moments of love.

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Valentines Day Dress Codes

Colour of Dress on Valentines day

On this lovable event of valentines day many important incidents or celebrations like rose day, proposal day etc.... will take place as time passes and on Valentines day , that is on February 14 beyond proposals, acceptance and sharing of love important event of showing Dress codes on valentines day to people will also happen around India and many other nations across the world.

Dress codes on valentines day

Dress codes which implies the colour of dress on valentines day will indicate the status or mood of the individual and also the couple. In nature the colour of dress one wears indicate their mood swings and life styles and on this special day of Valentines day February 14 the dress codes or colour of dress will indicate the in depth feeling of individuals.Get the meaning of dress codes of Valentines day below...

Dress codes meanings on Valentines day

Blue Colour - Love applications Invited
Green Colour - Already in love
White colour - Double side love
Violet colour - Play Boy
Black colour - Hate or No interest In love
Yellow colour - Ready to accept proposals
Orange colour - living alone

Hope you enjoyed by knowing the meaning of Dress codes..happy valentines day...!!!

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