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True love in this wicked world is rare and difficult to find. True love is a beautiful thing to have, hardest thing to earn and most painful thing to lose and this divine love of any form has both negative and positive impact of emotions on every living being either human or animal and also even God. This feeling of love given by God has limitless quantity to show on others.

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Worshipping True love, Facts and Symbols of True love 

Worshipping True love

Living things on earth are living because they are created in such a way of showing unconditional love on others as god does, which makes living things of any form depend on others and their love to go on in life even if they face battleships in life. Such love is worshipped by every living thing on world's important lovable event of Valentines Day. This Valentines day is celebrated all over the world on February 14 across the world.

Facts of true love

From the day man was created in this world the mystery and true love feeling on loved ones or facts of true love still remains in debate and will remain in debate for years, but many incidents and historical events depicting true love had happened along time. The example of Romeo-Juliet of Shakespeare, Leila-Majnu and other fairy tales of love tried to depict true love for people. But as famous poets said true love is an inner feeling felt by an individual on valentine, the quantity of such love will be known only by God and that individual's Valentine. Love is a divine feeling of Extreme happiness.

Symbols of Love

Many symbols of Love are used by lovers and people to express their love on their valentine. Many ancient symbols of love were used for centuries before modern times..scroll down for such symbols...

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