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Many events are celebrated worldwide with joy and amusement making each and every people very happy on that special occasion. One such big event celebrated worldwide is the Valentines Day which is celebrated on February 14 every year and celebrated mainly among young people to share their love and also as well as old people who shared their love for years.

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Celebrations of Valentines Day

Valentines Day celebrations Worldwide: Valentines Day history that happened in 3rd century had a good impact on many people and in order to remember that incident Valentines Day is celebrated on Feruary 14 every year worldwide. Celebrations on these events bring immense joy and happiness to young people worldwide. 

Worldwide Celebrations of Valentines Day

Valentines Day celebration in India


This special occasion of Valentines Day is celebrated worldwide in many countries and this event is also celebrated in our nation India.

 People around India share their true love with their lovable ones and share lovable quotes, messages and wishes to impress their loved and dear ones and also to show them that they love them still now. Celebration takes place all over India and new proposals, sharing of greeting cards, gifts and love also happens on this incredible event, no national holiday is declared for this event but also this event is celebrated with immense joy around the nation. These events create happiness especially among college students and young people around nation and also enjoy this upcoming Valentines Day event with excitement and Joy.

Happy Valentines Day…

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