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Happy new year 2017 pictures : New-year is celebrated every year in India .But the history associated with the new year of India is huge .In before 1950’s the new year In India was not celebrated on the date 1st January . India is a diverse country with may diverse communities .Every community may it be Marathi’s , Punjabi’s , south India had their regional calendar and along with it they too had their own new-years .These new were mainly to celebrate their regional activities .But after 1950’s due to accent of western culture in India people started to celebrate 1st January as new-year day as it was celebrated in almost whole of the world on this date only.So Indians also decided to celebrate their new-year on 1st January only to signify the togetherness in Indians with the whole community of the world .There are many ways on this opinion one other opinion is like the Britishers conquered us and when they went they gifted us this new custom that we started celebrating new-year day on 1st January.

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People generally celebrate Christmas in full colourful manner.The surroundings are filled with parties, celebrations , lightening etc.The resorts are full along with theatres .Big parties are organized by big Bollywood celebrities .There are many concerts done in different parts of the country by regional Artist either it be singing , dancing and others .
Not only children enjoy or adults this is a festival which is equally enjoyed by everyone that means people of all ages enjoy a lot on this day.Metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi etc. are decorated very nicely. Every shop on this day is being decorated very beautifully. In fact there are major offs on items sold on products.

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Common activities by every Indian on New-Year:
People greet other family members, friends and colleagues for the happy New Year which is going to bring new experiences and new memories in everyone’s life.On 12 am people start exchanging messages, calls to friends and family members.People fire crackers on this day and enjoying this way.Children get new clothes on this day and also toys with them too.Some people go to pubs to dance and celebrate .Some decide to have wine shot while sitting at home.One thing which is very famous for every man is the oath which every person takes at the onset of New Year.People make resolutions in their life example: bringing good marks in next exam, speaking truth in the next year etc. People take off from their jobs to enjoy on this date. This is really a festival of celebrations in India.

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This festival is a symbol of falling of old leaves and regenerating of new ones. Similarly old year is passing by and New Year is coming with new feelings, new aspirations, new hopes, new dreams and much more. People wish each other for the wealthy, prosperous and healthy future in the leading new-year. It also symbolizes with the dawn and dusk. As day passes and with the passing day there comes a new day similarly a year passes by wit 365 days and here comes a new year .It also symbolizes in India a time when new season of agriculture is leading which can prosper India into a new prosperous India.

 Happy new year 2017 pictures

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