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Happy Tamil new year wishes 2017 Images, Wallpaper, Pictures, Photos in HD Free Download : New Year is a time when every person is so happy for the coming of New Year .The Year which we were in 365 days has now passed and a new year of 365 days has just arrived. People are really very excited about this coming year as some have plans to part, some have plans to buy something while some want to rest in their homes. But it is a season which is celebrated by the entire world. People buy gifts and gift to their friends, family members, and others .At midnight frequent calls on the mobile phones, I guess all the routes on the mobile operator are busy that time .Looking HD Quality Tamil new year wishes  2016 Images or Wallpaper Pictures, Tamil new year wishes  2017 images, HD happy new year 2016 wallpaper photos ? Find here all.
Friends are roses of our life. They make our life filled with fragrance, we can share everything with them and at the same time be naughty as we were at the age of 10.Soon New-Year, forget every grudge which you had with your friends .Just call your friends wish them” happy new year “.Now let’s see how friends can enjoy new year together.

Tamil new year wishes 2017, my friend

Plan a party together and invite all friends
You friends can plan a party together not a so boring party which is filled with nonsense but a funky party with all the creativity .The party can be a get together if all the friends and decide a theme together for New Year and get dressed in that way which will make uniqueness of all the friends. You will be literally laughing at what others have worn, I would like to suggest you to have a funny theme. Along with that make party hats which will make you and all your friend’s jokes and you will be rolling on the floor. Wow, that will make New Year so special .Tamil new year wishes

Give every friend a call at midnight
On New-Year, forget every grudge which you had with your friends .Just call your friends wish them” happy new year “.In fact, go to their place and meet them and arrange a get–to-together. That will be just perfect for friends to be re-alive again and the friendship yet old will be back!!They will just be so happy to get your call at midnight. Tamil new year images

Go on a trip or book some resort to have fun
Now here’s a perfect time for all your friends to book a resort so that you people can enjoy a lot on the day of New Year .A resort which should have ample space to roam about and have the pool in the middle of the resort. A resort which should be in the countryside and has furnished rooms. First, in advance check the reviews of many hotels in the countryside and then select one taking in view what your loves likes and dislikes.You can swim and relax in the pool, you can play many games near the pool and arrange some music with it. This New Year going to be your best New Year. Tamil new year image
Buy gifts to give it to every valuable friend in you life
Everyone needs that affection and love that maintain the liveliness in the relationship alive .So just go to a market and find perfect gifts for all your friends which can signify the bond which all share .If buying an expensive gift is the bit not the good idea for you then no problem you can make a handmade card for your friends, I bet they will love it. It is because efforts done by you will surely be valuable to your friends. They will really be happy on this New-Year.
Play together

You can play a no of games on the poolside as the treasure hunt where you have to peep into a whole resort to get your gift, snake war where you have to divide into two teams and pull the rope , or some fashion show or cricket , badminton will work .These games will let you remind you of all the old times when you were been playing and enjoying on all the New Years . Tamil new year images for facebook
Make greeting cards together for each other
The easiest thing to do with your friends is gone and get some crayons from the market along with some plain white sheets .Now starts drawing cards for one another and see how one person has made a beautiful card for his or her best friend . This is the easiest thing and asks your friends to draw your picture on the card which will increase the enthusiasm.
Make food together and eat together

Everyone enjoys sweetness so why to forget to have some out of the box pudding and cookies on New Year. You can make Biscuit roll, Bourbon Biscuit, Butter Cookie and caramel brown bread in cookies and in Pudding you can make some marvellous pudding like Chocolate pudding, Bread and butter pudding and Caramel apple pudding. These will add the cherry to cake in midnight .Have it together with wine, I am sure you are going to enjoy it a lot !

Watch a movie together
Spending New Year and not enjoying a movie. That’s not fair. Just have a classic movie like (The Great Gatsby, The Lucky One, Fifty Shades of Grey or I) and have popcorn and coffee and enjoy it with family and friends .This will help you in having some time to see the movie and in fact, spending quality time with family will be adding the cherry to the cake. This will make your New Year just flawless. Wow!! Lovely New Year.