{[Merry]}* Christmas celebration in office : 2016 Christmas Party Celebration ideas in Office

{[Merry]}* Christmas celebration in office : Christmas, is the beautiful festival of Christian calendar which is celebrated on 25th Dec of every year .It makes the beginning of joy and happiness across the country. How can we forget Jesus Christ, he has done everything for us!! 25th Dec make us remember the great day when he was born on this earth and taken away our miseries. With his accent the world seems to be filled with prosperity and innocence. Looking for office christmas party, office xmas party, the office christmas, office christmas party games, games for christmas parties, office christmas, christmas office party, office party ideas , christmas party theme ? check below all details

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{[Merry]}* Christmas celebration in office 

Christmas celebration in office

Not only adult enjoy it but also children enjoy it the most. It brings for them so much good things to eat, drink and play. People love to celebrate in way they want. This festival do not have definite traditions associated with it but have unique memories that make this festival superb .But while celebrating Christmas do not forget to do some important things which can add cherry to your cake . Find here christmas office decoration ideas.

Arranging a Christmas Party altogether

You colleagues can plan a party together not so boring party which is filled with nonsense but a funky party with all the creativity .The party can be a get together if all the colleagues and you decide a theme together for Christmas and get dressed in that way which will make uniqueness in all the people . You will be literally laughing at what others have worn; I would like to suggest you to have a funny theme. Wow, that will make Christmas so special

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Make greeting Cards of Christmas for CEO And Manager

Every employee can do this .Make beautiful greeting card of New Year for your managers and gift them when you will go to office .They will be so excited to see these New Year Cards. Write your feelings for your managers like what qualities you like in them and how they have helped you to become a complete personality. I am sure they are going to like this most. This will be something very different for them and your efforts will be rewarded.

Make a team photo collage

There should be photo décor placed in every team discussion area in which photos of the people who are in a same team with their team leaders, project managers should be clipped. The photos should be chronically placed which shows how when they exactly have joined the team and have made contribution to the project allotted .They will be bit nostalgic but they will enthralled to see all those memories again. This will make the team members to be all together always.

Making Funky Santa Party Caps for all the members of office

Make Santa Claus Caps for all the members of the office and ask them to wear it .These caps should be red in colour making us the Santa Claus .These should also have some funky touch with them so as to make people laugh. These should be so much funky that people should start rolling on the floor after seeing these.

Playing games and awarding winners prizes

You can play many games like treasure hunt. In this write some hints of getting the price on paper pieces and then hide somewhere inside your office. There will be two teams and those teams will go hint by hint, they have to find the other paper piece in order to get hint that how to reach the Christmas gift!! At last the team who got Christmas gift will be the winner. This will really be fun and you are going to enjoy a lot.

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Give every colleague a unique title

This is time when colleague should be given a title by you. The qualities which are inherent in ever colleague must be used to allocate a title. It can be funny like “Filmy freakier”, “Food lover “ or something else .It will make their Christmas special as they will remember that people are noticing them .

Give presents to the working staff too

Everyone needs that affection and love that maintain the liveliness in the relationship alive .So just go to market and find perfect gifts for all working staff members which can signify the bond which you all share .If buying an expensive gift is bit not good idea for you then no problem you can make a handmade card for them, I bet they will love it. It is because efforts done by you will surely be valuable to them. They will really be happy on this Christmas. They help you and maintain you hygiene so give them this present on Christmas.

Watch a movie together with head manager

Spend your Christmas in joyful manner at school only. Just have a classic movie ( Tare Zameen Par , The Lucky One or any other ) and have popcorn and coffee and enjoy it with managers and colleagues .This will help you in having some time to see the movie and in fact spending quality time with colleagues will be adding cherry to the cake. In fact involve Head manager with you so that you can just have a blast while seeing the movie.

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Celebrate office with balloons and lights

Involve every colleague of office so that you can celebrate office with balloons and lights .The balloon colours can be red and white .The lightening can be silver in colour . Office is a place where you spend about half day so how en you forget to decorate your office with beautiful flowers.

Decorate one person as Santa Claus

This is must in every office on the eve of Christ mas where one person has to be decorated ad Santa Claus and he should enough chocolates to distribute to all the office members .This will remind you of the days when you were young and was waiting all life for the Santa to come and to give you numerous gifts .

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