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Merry Christmas Eve Pictures, Pics Free Download | Happy Xmas Eve : Christmas pictures are very important to share for our friends. Christmas In italy is very special. In Italy there is influence of Pope so that much Christmas popularity is not seen in this state.But still to maintain the essence of Jesus Christ they do celebrate Epiphany .This festival is celebrated on 6th of January. On this day people exchange gifts which add cherry to cake .There is a story associated with Magi .A woman named La Befana is a spirit to be there on that day which searches for her child all-round the Italy. She can be well-wisher for some but can be witch for some. So-on the accent of Christmas they are more excited for this festival. We gave here Happy Xmas images for you, you will find here.

Merry Christmas Eve picture/image
Merry Christmas Eve photo
Merry Christmas Eve

Christmas In MEXICO is very special. In Mexico market starts decorating and every stall in the mall seem to be lightened by different beautiful lights .People from the world specially travel to Mexico to see these market.The proceedings to celebrate Christmas get started 9 days before Christmas in which a journey starts to Bethlehem.Some members of the family go on a pilgrimage where they have to go from shelter to shelter till they are been offered one. Then the children are served with food, sweet drinks. This all happens for 9 days after 9 days those people return to their families and bring with them a new hope and love . Then the Christmas they celebrate with their families so here Christmas is a festival which keeps family together.

Xmas Eve is the evening that is celebrated  on christmas day as a holy evening, it is the day before evening of Christmas. Have you planned for xmas eve dinner ideas ? Here you will find some pictures for that.

Merry Christmas Eve Pictures, Pics Free Download | Happy Xmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve pictures

Christmas Eve is fantastic in different parts of the country. Not only delicious dishes like dukramaas and chicken are made but along with it no of cookies, pan cakes and wine is served in family and friend’s .There is lot of excitement in the people. They are excited to go to temple, celebrate their Christmas tree in a beautiful way they can .The churches are beautifully celebrated all around the city. Everyone wants to be a part of these celebrations .Christmas carols fill the air with sweet voices that touch everyone hearts and remembering a greatest souls of God Jesus Christ just make the atmosphere absolutely so good !!

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