{[Merry]}* Christmas nail art designs, Photos, Images, wallpapers, Pics, Gallery

{[Merry]}* Christmas nail art designs, Photos, Pics, Gallery : Christmas 2016 is one of the beautiful festival is celebrated on 25th December of every year .Santa Claus, yeah it is coming on a sleigh to wish you “merry Christmas “. The season is just filled with happiness every-where. .It is a festive season that almost every country of the world enjoys. The city of London and Philadelphia is best to be seen in the days of Christmas with so much enthusiasm in the people. Searching for nail art gallery, easy nail designs , cute nail designs , christmas nail art designs , nail art pictures , nail art pics ,pretty nail designs ,Christmas fingernail designs,xmas nail art designs andnails designs pictures ? check it below.

It is a season when a simple messiah of god has done so much for mankind and has made us taught lessons of peace, forgiveness etc. singing Christmas carols and wishing everyone and offering people different flowers with different fragrance so that people can maintain the liveliness of Christmas alive. But girls have different way of celebrating their Christmas by using different nail art designs .Let’s look at some of them. Looking for nail art ideas? Find here all details.

Red and Green Glitter

This will be perfect when you will team up the base with white or beige colour and on it there will be number of red , green and blue flakes o it .This is really going to look awesome with your party-wear dress. It will even look better with any western dress.

Frosty the Snowman

This is really going to look very cool on the day of Christmas. When you nails will be full of Christmas feelings and a white Santa on dark coloured base .This can be drawn by fine brush or toothbrush too. For Santa use white colour which will just add cherry to the cake.

Santa and Rudolph

This will be perfect on the day of Christmas. Santa on one nil and Rudolph on the other and then repeating the same over nails will make your nails too good to see. You can prefer white for Santa and brown for Rudolph and with a dark colour base like blue , black etc.

Simple Tree

If you are not good at nail art don’t worry this is one of the simple nail art that can make on your nails .Just have a light colour base like white or beige and then just draw a green coloured tree on it .It is most easiest to draw and will look superb with least efforts.

Realistic Tree

This will create real illusion of a tree on your sweet nails with glitter of green colour on white coloured base. The glitter for tree can be of green colour .This will really look very beautiful and will make everyone notice your nails.

Soft Snowflakes

This will just add cherry to the cake.Snowflakes can be made of white colour and the base can be of white or black colour .This will just be wonderful and it can be made with the help of fine tipped pencil or fine brush.

Santa’s Hat

This is bit difficult but making Santa’s cap on the top side of the nails will be so cool.Cap can be made with red colour and base can be of light colour like light greenish, white or beige colour will be superb.

Present me with a Gift

Christmas is a season of gifts and on the above gifts are covered with golden ribbon so we have to create that on our nails. Make the base colour black and then with the help of glitter make two lines on one nail. On the next nail cover the entire nail with glitter and repeat this pattern again and again. This will be just more than perfect.

Festive Water Marbling

This is going to be a perfect Christmas nail art when you are going to decorate your nails with different colours and that filling these with white curves which are going to make them superb coloured marbles. This is very easy and will look best on you.

Alternating Red and Green colour

Nothing can be simpler as filling red and green colour on your nails, It is the most easiest and you don’t need any fined brush but I am sure it will look stunning which will draw everyone’s attention towards it.

Christmas nail art designs, Photos, Images, wallpapers, Pics, Gallery

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