{[Top 10]}* Merry Christmas Celebration Ideas for Kids, and With Family

Merry Christmas Celebration Ideas for Kids, and With Family : Are you searching for Christmas celebration ideas for kids,family? Here we have gave a special ideas for celebration Christmas with our kids. Find the right answer for you.

Merry Christmas Celebration Ideas for Kids, and With Family

Merry Christmas Celebration Ideas for Kids, and With Family

 10. The Amazing Holiday Maze

It is a superb game for small children .When no of friends have come to your home and you do not have that much great idea you can play this game with your friends and make your Christmas special.In this you have to purchase the no of balls of yarn as your no of friends. Now unwind this ball. And attach a prize to one end of this and place it somewhere else it cannot be seen. Now pass these threads through many different rollers and furniture and curtains. So that children can find difficulty in finding their gift and also it will arouse curiosity in children. At the end of the day children will be tired but the best part is they will get their gift and I bet they will be damn happy!!

9. Mystery Stocking

Take a sock and fill it up with many paper pieces. These pieces are not normal, these contain attractive prices but the condition is that person has to do task which is written on the back side of the paper piece. If he or she will do he or she will win the prize and if he or she is unable to do it then its bad luck for him!! He will be given punishment of being a Santa Claus.

8. ABC's

Take a bowl in which there are several paper pieces in which different letters are there .Pick a piece of letter and the child has to guess some country name starting with that word. In this way the game starts and the person who is not able to tell any word in time limit will be given mild punishment. The person in the last will win the game and will be given prize by Santa Claus.

7. Do You See What I See?

It is a team game of 2 members each. In this in a team of two one will be given an object and other will be given a piece of paper. Now the person who has object cannot says what he has he can just do actions to make the person understand what the object is all about and the second one has to draw the picture . If he is able to draw that correctly he wins the race other-wise he loses.

6. Santa Doesn't Say

Buy several hats for children and on the backside of the hat add a celebrity name. Now the person who has got that hat should not be able to see that name. Other people will come and try to give him hints to find who he is!! If he is lucky he will get to know and wins the game. This happens for everyone. But if one cannot judge who he is then sorry!! You lose .Better luck next time.

5. Roll and Roll

In this make children sit in a circle. A child can be the first to start. He has a hanker-chief with him. He will go round and round in a circle where people are facing their backs and immediately he will throw that hanker-chief behind anyone. Now if the person behind whom hanker-chief is kep gets to know then he wins otherwise he loses.

4. Name that Holiday Tune

It is a beautiful game. This can also be played by adult members of the family .In this play some Christmas carol and stop in between. Now if anyone recognizes which carol it is then he will be given a special Christmas gift. Not only song he has to predict but also the singer and album would add much cherry to cake. This will really be fun.

3. Treasure hunt

In this write some hints of getting the price on paper pieces and then hide somewhere inside your home. There will be two teams and those teams will go hint by hint, they have to find the other paper piece in order to get hint that how to reach the Christmas gift!! At last the team who got Christmas gift will be the winner.

2. Christmas Relay

It can be played in the garden. Where two teams will be made out of the children and .There will be one carton that the team members have to pass to another one in order to reach the destinations i.e. the Christmas prize. Make the present quite attractive so that it can arise the curiosity in kids. They will love to play. Atlast the children will be tired but I am damn sure they will love this game the most. Not only this but the winning game just be too happy.

1.Gift Unwrap Relay

Get a gift first from market and wrap in a box and then again a box and this process goes on till there are many layers of boxes over it .Then make the children sit in a circle. Then play the music and immediately stop the music the person having box will unwrap only once. Similarly this goes onand the box will be unwrapped again and again. There comes a time when there will only be one layer above that box. When the music stops the person will win the game. It is really very fun to play and your children will celebrate a fabulous Christmas.

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