TOP 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD DO ON CHRISTMAS Christmas 2016, is the beautiful festival of Christian calendar which is celebrated on 25th Dec of every year .It makes the beginning of joy and happiness across the country. How can we forget Jesus Christ, he has done everything for us!! 25th Dec make us remember the great day when he was born on this earth and taken away our miseries. With his accent the world seems to be filled with prosperity and innocence.

Not only adult enjoy it but also children enjoy it the most. It brings for them so much good things to eat, drink and play . People love to celebrate in way they want. This festival do not have definite traditions associated with it but have unique memories that make this festival superb .But while celebrating Christmas donot forget to do some important things which can add cherry to your cake .So here is a list you should not forget on the day of Christmas.


10.Bake cookies and Make Pudding

Christmas is a festival of joy,happiness,liveliness, innocence and much more. While celebrating you cannot forget to make some delicious dishes for your family in fact for you. Everyone enjoys sweetness so why forget to have some out of the box pudding and cookies on Christmas .We would suggest you not only you make for yourself and family but do share them with your neighbours and other family members , I bet they will love it !!You can make Biscuit roll, BourbonBiscuit, Butter Cookie and caramel brown-bread in cookies and in Pudding you can make some marvellous pudding like Chocolate pudding, Bread and butter pudding and Caramel apple pudding.

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2. Make a gift for a special friend/family member who means a lot to you

On the pious day of Christmas you cannot forget to make some cards or buy some gifts for a special friend who has made your life special. Everyone needs that affection and love that maintain the liveliness in the relationship alive .So just go to market and find a perfect momento for both of you which can signify the bond which you both share .If buying an expensive gift is bit not good idea for you then no problem you can make a handmade card for your friend, I bet he/she will love it. It is because efforts done by you will surely be valuable to your friend.

3. Buy something out of the box for yourself.

While celebrating Christmas and buying gifts for everyone do not forget you. It is because at the end of the day you love yourself the most. So buy some gift for yourself too, something that touches your heart or a thing which u wanted to buy for a long time but you were waiting for the perfect time to buy it. So, go and grab you thing, it is waiting for you .Don’t think the expense, any other day than Christmas cannot be better day.

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4. Donate some of your time to a local charity.

Charity starts from the home is a well-known proverb. Yes it is exactly true, little from you side can contribute to the needy. In world about 30-40% people live beyond poverty line. They don’t even have the shelter. They also need some help and money which can help them in having their meal at least once a day. So Christmas is a best day to help those people .If you will help needy they will give you several good wishes which are out of the world present for you . Don’t wait, go and help those.

5. Take kids with you to spend some quality time.

You family is the best gift for you from god. But in hectic schedule we often ignore them and do not give them the affection and love they require. Especially children want their parents to spend some quality time with them. Don’t let them go out of your love. Go and hug them and take them to picnic .Not only kids your mother and father , your spouse also needs some quality time .Christmas is a perfect time to make them remember that you love them the most .

6. Call every friend who has made your life special.

Friends are roses of our life. They make our life filled with fragrance, we can share everything with them and at the same time be naughty as we were at the age of 10.So on Christmas, forget every grudge which you had with your friends .Just call your friends wish them merry Christmas .In fact go to their place and meet them and arrange a get–to-together. That will be just perfect for friends to be re-alive again and the friendship yet old will be back!!

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7. Thank God for everything you have

Whatever you have is all because of almighty. You cannot forget him for all he has given you. Thank him!! Christmas is a day of Jesus Christ. Thank Jesus for all he has done for you and saved you from many troubles of life. Go to Church and lit candles that will be just perfect. In fact you should thank god everyday by praying and memorizing Jesus but on the day of Christmas you can forget everything but you cannot forget to thank Jesus!!

8. Take a long breath and RELAX!!

Every day of the year has been hectic. You have scratched everything to get everything you want. You have been working like anything to get good living. But in this occupied life you have forgotten to take long breath and relax for a time. Relaxation is also an important part of life otherwise life has no meaning. Just have an outing that day or just sleep extra or just do whatever you want to do all year .Yeah ! At the end of the day you will be fresh like a flower.

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9. Decorate your home in a beautiful way u can!!

You home is reflection of your heart. Decorate your home just like a heaven because every time you see it, you will fell in love with your home. May it be candles, lights, balloons, Christmas tree or other items but make your home the best home to see on the day of Christmas. It should make you feel that wow!! This is my home. Santa will surely visit your beautiful home this Christmas. He cannot even miss your home.

10. Just imagine how your Christmas should be and make it!!

You have several plans throughout the year for Christmas. Don’t miss every plan. Imagine how you wanted your perfect Christmas should be and make it a special day for you, your family members and your loved ones. Just make a perfect day so that you will remember it for ages. Don’t forget to take pictures which will make your remember the sweet memories all throughout the life.

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